Mini Cooper Navigation, Display, CD player & Radio Repair

We repair all models of Mini Cooper Navigation, CD Changer & Radios

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Mini Cooper Radio Display

2007 to 2011

mini cooper

Part Number: 8103384

Model Number: 

Common Problem: Display missing segments, Black display, Won't accept disc, Error when playing CD.

Repair Cost: $150. to $250.


Mini Cooper Radio CD Player

2002 to 2006

mini cooper 04

Part Number: 65.12-6 943 492

Model Number: CD53 R50

Common Problem: Won't play CD, No Audio.

Repair Cost: $125. to $250.


Mini Cooper Navigation Drive

2002 to 2008


Part Number: 65906920182

Model Number: Mark 4 Navigation Drive

Common Problem: Does not read navigation disc, Error message on screen, No eject, Blank display.

Repair Cost: $245. to $750.


Mini Cooper Navigation Display

2002 to 2008

mini cooper navigation

Part Number: 

Model Number:

Common Problem: Blank Screen, Lines on Screen.

Repair Cost: $350. to $750.